Mobility Scooters & Powered Wheelchairs

Mobility Scooters & Powered Wheelchairs

LBS offers LiFePO4 battery range for Powered Wheelchairs, considering the following facts, which are very important for this kind of battery:


We only use LiFePO4 Lithium, the most powerful, longest lifespan and most secure lithium type of all.

Weight and size

Batteries are 70% lighter and +50% smaller than Lead Acid regular Batteries. Change 2 batteries that you currently need, for 1 Lithium Battery.

Ease of use and security

All batteries comes with Charge LED indicator that will show how much energy is left. All Batteries comes with BMS (Battery Management System), which protects against over charging, over discharge and over heating.


TROJAN T1275-AGM LiFePO4 Battery
Length: 329 mm
Width: 179 mm
Height: 278 mm
Length: 260 mm
Width: 168 mm
Height: 212 mm
77% Smaller
Weight: 40 kg
Weight: 13.6 kg
194% Lighter
Capacity @ C0.5: 80Ah
Capacity @ C1: 100Ah
Capacity @ C5: 119Ah
Capacity @ C0.5: 100Ah
Capacity @ C1: 100Ah
Capacity @ C5: 100Ah
Constant Power & Energy
500 Cycles @ 80% DoD
800 Cycles @ 55% DoD
3000 Cycles @ 80% DoD
8000 Cycles @ 55% DoD
Cycle Life 6x to 10x Greater

Advantages and Features


Save 70% weight vs Lead acid batteries. This means better acceleration and more miles

Extra Storage

With Smaller Batteries, find a new Storage location in the Battery compartment.


Get five times more battery lifetime than regular Lea Acid Batteries.

Remaining Charge Indicator

Convenient LED Battery Charge Indicator. Always know how much charge you have left.

Battery Management System

Battery has its own Battery Management System to protect against overheating, over charging, over discharge and short circuit. Protect the Electric System of your Mobility Vehicle.

More Power

More than 40% more power storage vs lead Acid Batteries. Ride longer, ride farther.


Do not hook up LiFePO4 batteries in series without consulting about your battery application. We want you completely hassle free. Series connections can confuse the BMS card. Even though we have upgraded BMS cards in most of our stocked batteries, please check with us to make sure the BMS card is compatible with the application you want. It is possible to make serial connections, but, it is far better to get the exact voltage battery for your application than to get to your voltage by series connections. [For example: better to get one 24V60Ah battery than two 12V 60Ah batteries to connect in series to get 24V60Ah].

Choose the best charger for your battery based on charging time you require. Go to our Battery Charger Page and view SPECS plus charging time based on battery size. All Chargers are sold with Universal Clamp charging terminal.

We don’t mind the little extra time we spend to make sure you get exactly what you need.
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