You may be wondering: Why choose a 36v lithium battery when it is more expensive than other options? Because it offers the best value for money!

A 36v lithium battery is superior in many ways. It lasts twice as long as a lead-acid battery and charges faster and more efficiently. It weighs less, which is a great advantage especially when you are maneuvering a boat. It also has a longer life cycle. In fact, 36v lithium batteries from reliable brands have 6000 life cycles.

All this said, it’s important to note that 36v lithium batteries aren’t created equally. If you are planning on buying one, take note of these tips:

Find a reliable brand of 36v lithium battery

Search for product reviews created by experts online. Reading recommendations and customer feedback will help you narrow down your options. It will also give you insights on what’s popular and what important features to look for in a battery.

Make sure it has a battery management system

One of the most essential features to look for is the battery management system or BMS. This feature measures the state of charge and condition of the lithium battery to make sure there will be no issues such as overcharging and over-discharging. BMS is also designed to keep the battery protected from any kind of damage.

Look for certifications

You want to make sure that you are buying high-quality 36v lithium battery that is safe to use. Certification is one indication that the product has passed the test and has met all the safety standards.

Consider the warranty

36v lithium batteries are costly. It will be a waste of money if your battery doesn’t last as long as the life expectancy indicated by the manufacturer. That’s why product warranty is important. It will protect you against defective batteries and give you peace of mind!

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