Before lithium batteries became the option over lead acid, you would have to connect three 12V batteries in a series to meet the 36-volt requirement. Now that the 36V 100AH lithium battery is available, you may be wondering if it is a worthy investment or if you should still buy three 12-volt lithium batteries. Is one battery enough or should you stick to three? Read on for answers before you purchase a 12V100AH S lithium battery!

Pros and cons of using three 12v batteries

You can easily replace one of the three batteries in a series in case it fails. Moreover, the 12V100AH S lithium battery provides more flexibility, especially if you want to distribute the weight in your boat. It won’t require a special charger, too, and it can be used to assist in starting the engine. However, more batteries mean more connection points, and you have to mount and connect them one by one. Keep in mind that every exposed connection can potentially become unreliable!

Pros and cons of using a 36V battery

The main benefit of using just one 36V 100AH lithium battery is the reduced weight and size, which means it won’t take up much space or potentially weigh down your boat. That also means one set of cables to hook it up, so there are less connection points to be concerned with, and reduced clutter of cables altogether. The battery is designed to be ‘plug-and-go’, so there is no need to determine how to connect them in a series to achieve a higher voltage. Just be sure you have a special charger for it, as chargers for 12V won’t be sufficient.

Size and weight matters

If you have limited space in your boat and you want it to go faster, a 36V 100AH lithium battery should be enough. One module weighs less and it will not occupy a lot of space compared to when you connect 12V 100AH lithium batteries in a series.


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